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ClassMaster - Computer Gradebook

ClassMaster 4.0 is a computer gradebook that calculates, records, reports and forecasts student and class performance, and includes a comprehensive attendance component and seating chart.

Mathematics TestBuilder - Test & Worksheet Generator

Mathematics TestBuilder is a powerful authoring tool that combines word processing, database, and layout capabilities to create tests and worksheets.

GraphPaper Plus - Grades 6-12

GraphPaper Plus quickly and easily prints numerous kinds of graph paper, pattern paper, tables, and other mathematical diagrams in user defined sizes and colors. Options include: Rectang-ular Grids; Polar Grids; Dot Paper; Per-spective Paper; Regular Polygons and Circles; Tables with customizable rows and columns; Weekly and Monthly Calendars; and much more!

Math-Teacher: Calculus Class - Grades 11-12

Randomly generated problems and examples that provide continuous dialog and feedback make Math-Teacher: Calculus Class the perfect tool for all students. You can choose your own solving route and receive guidance and smart hints as you work through problems.

Math-Teacher: Analytic Geometry and Trigonometry - Grades 10-12

Randomly generated problems and examples providing continuous dialog and feedback make Math Teacher Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry Class the perfect tool for all students. Students can choose their own problem solving method and receive guidance along the way.

Math-Teacher: Algebra II Class - Grades 9-11

Randomly generated problems and examples provide continuous dialog and feedback making Math Teacher Algebra II Class the perfect tool for all students.

GrafEq - Grades 9-12

GrafEq is designed for both teaching and learning high school mathematics. It is an easy to use program for graphing equations including linear, polynomial, conic, trigonometric, exponential, absolute value, and many more.

Math Trek Trigonometric Functions - Grades 10-12

Math Trek Trigonometric Functions is designed to let students dynamically learn about trigonometric graphs, equations, and applications.

Mathville Middle School - Grades 6-8

Mathville Middle School succeeds Mathville VIP as the latest, updated version of the original Mathville. Packed with activities designed to inspire creative problem-solving, Mathville Middle School reinforces and extends skills taught in many grades 6-8 classrooms.

MathVille Starway Math - Grades 5-7

Starway Math is a challenging space-themed environment where students can discover a wide variety of highly motivating math activities. This program is designed to fit with any math curriculum due to its problem-solving approach and solid skills coverage.

Poly - Grades 6-12

Poly is a program for exploring and constructing 147 different polyhedra: Platonic, Archimedean, Johnson, and Catalan Solids; Prisms and Anti-Prisms; Dipyramids and Deltohedra. With Poly, you can manipulate and view these solids in a variety of ways including three-dimensional, nets, wire frame, and Schlegel diagrams.

Virtual Tiles - Grades 6-12

Virtual Tiles is a program designed to provide students with a concrete model for operations with integers and polynomials. Evaluating expressions, combining like terms, solving equations, applying the distributive property, multiplying polynomials, dividing polynomials, and factoring, all have concrete models.

MathVille Waterway Math - Grades 4-6

Waterway Math is a virtual aquatic environment where students explore a wide variety of highly motivating math activities. This program is designed to stretch student abilities by challenging them to apply skills to a variety of problem solving situations. This program also includes a method to track and recognize student performance.

Mathville Speedway - Grades 2-4

Speedway Math is an exciting environment where students improve their speed and skills in mathematics. Games, puzzles, and creative exercises make math fun for any level of student.

Mathville Jungleway - Grades 1-3

Jungleway Math is a multimedia habitat where fun-filled activities add variety and excitement to any classroom.

Mathville Kidway - Grades K-2

Kidway Math is a virtual midway where traditional games of skill and chance are transformed into math activities. Math concepts are illustrated effectively and graphically, using everyday objects, animals, and entertaining ideas.

Dollars and Cents - Grades K-3

Dollars and Cents is a well-rounded money management series that progresses in difficulty, and includes engaging graphics and human quality speech. Each title - First Money, Spending Money, and Making Change - teaches essential money skills by merging life experiences and math instruction.

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