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Dollars and Cents - Grades K-3

Developed by: Attainment Company, Inc.

Dollars and Cents is a well-rounded money management series that progresses in difficulty, and includes engaging graphics and human quality speech. Each title - First Money, Spending Money, and Making Change - teaches essential money skills by merging life experiences and math instruction.

First Money - Level 1
Ideal for beginners or those who do not read. Features easy-to-understand speech and colorful graphics in teach, match, and test modes. Discover Money Names by matching spoken words with picture cues. Learn that different coin and dollar combinations may have Equal Worth. Study a screen of computer cash and figure What is it Worth?

Spending Money - Level 2
Features animated graphics, realistic shopping, easy-to-understand speech, and a Canadian Currency option. Choose between a Quiz or Shop segment - you determine the level of difficulty for each randomly generated purchase. Quiz mode - pay for ticketed items. Shop mode - enter the Money Mall and buy items from a shopping list.

Making Change - Level 3
Generates hundreds of random purchasing situations that build on the skills that are required to operate a cash register. Features animated graphics, easy-to-understand speech, different levels of difficulty, and a Canadian Currency option. Receive cash, Enter dollar amounts, and Give back change.


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Macintosh LC or later, System 7.0 or later, color monitor, 3MB of free RAM, 12MB hard disk space for installation of complete series; Windows 95 or later, sound card, 15MB of hard disk space for installation of complete series. TouchWindow(tm) compatible.