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Math-Teacher: Calculus Class - Grades 11-12

Developed by: Math-Kal Educational Software, Ltd.

Calculus Class covers: The Notion of the Derivative; Investigating Polynomials; Derivatives of a Function; Investigating Functions; The Indefinate Integral; Finding a Function by its Derivative; Calculating Area and Volume

Randomly generated problems and examples that provide continuous dialog and feedback make Math-Teacher: Calculus Class the perfect tool for all students. You can choose your own solving route and receive guidance and smart hints as you work through problems.

Students can print reports which include the activity covered, unit, subject, grade, solved problems, total mistakes, lessons, guidance, hints, and comments.

A function investigation laboratory allows for exploring: Zeros and extreme points; Inverse relations; Reflections and translations; Operations between functions; Slope, tangent, and derivative; Intersections; Asymptotes; Integral and Derivative

The included teacher tool automatically prepares randomly generated tests, worksheets, and/or homework assignments based on your choice of objectives. Test include detailed solutions with graphics where applicable. No mopre copying - each one is different. These customized tests allow students to self-check their knowledge and understanding of key concepts.


Windows ONLY. CD ROM drive, Windows 95 or above.