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Math Trek 7, 8 - Grades 7-8

Math Trek 7, 8 is an integrated, curriculum-based, mathematics program for grades 7 and 8. Tutorials, activities, performance tasks, and assessment provide mulitple contexts and opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

Mathville Middle School - Grades 6-8

Mathville Middle School succeeds Mathville VIP as the latest, updated version of the original Mathville. Packed with activities designed to inspire creative problem-solving, Mathville Middle School reinforces and extends skills taught in many grades 6-8 classrooms.

MathVille Starway Math - Grades 5-7

Starway Math is a challenging space-themed environment where students can discover a wide variety of highly motivating math activities. This program is designed to fit with any math curriculum due to its problem-solving approach and solid skills coverage.

Bradford PreAlgebra Series - Grades 6-10

The Bradford Pre-Algebra Series is designed as an instructional support system to prepare students to study Algebra. It is also appropriate in settings where students need to develop basic mathematics skills such as GED, ESL, and other similar programs.

Bradford Problem Solving Series - Grades 5-8

Bradford Problem Solving is a series of five software programs offering practice and remediation in specific content areas. Using a variety of problem solving strategies, these packages reinforce the need for understanding mathematical concepts and mastering computational skills.

Math Trek Level 1 - Grades 4-7

Math Trek Level 1 is a creative teacher-designed math software series in which students advance at their own pace as they explore math concepts, skills, and applications and develop competence in the areas outlined in the NCTM standards. Animated screens and real-life connections capture students' interest and enhance their understanding.

Poly - Grades 6-12

Poly is a program for exploring and constructing 147 different polyhedra: Platonic, Archimedean, Johnson, and Catalan Solids; Prisms and Anti-Prisms; Dipyramids and Deltohedra. With Poly, you can manipulate and view these solids in a variety of ways including three-dimensional, nets, wire frame, and Schlegel diagrams.

Virtual Tiles - Grades 6-12

Virtual Tiles is a program designed to provide students with a concrete model for operations with integers and polynomials. Evaluating expressions, combining like terms, solving equations, applying the distributive property, multiplying polynomials, dividing polynomials, and factoring, all have concrete models.

GraphPaper Plus - Grades 6-12

GraphPaper Plus quickly and easily prints numerous kinds of graph paper, pattern paper, tables, and other mathematical diagrams in user defined sizes and colors. Options include: Rectang-ular Grids; Polar Grids; Dot Paper; Per-spective Paper; Regular Polygons and Circles; Tables with customizable rows and columns; Weekly and Monthly Calendars; and much more!

MathVille Waterway Math - Grades 4-6

Waterway Math is a virtual aquatic environment where students explore a wide variety of highly motivating math activities. This program is designed to stretch student abilities by challenging them to apply skills to a variety of problem solving situations. This program also includes a method to track and recognize student performance.