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Math Trek Level 1 - Grades 4-7

Developed by: NECTAR Foundation

Math Trek Level 1 is a creative teacher-designed math software series in which students advance at their own pace as they explore math concepts, skills, and applications and develop competence in the areas outlined in the NCTM standards. Animated screens and real-life connections capture students' interest and enhance their understanding.

In each unit, students participate in an interactive tutorial, which presents concepts and skills in clearly explained and illustrated steps. Lessons incorporate lively moving screens and optional videos which keep students focused and increase their understanding. Students learn how to manipulate tools such as calculators and protractors in applying the skills they learn. Math Trek Level 1 introduces many topics in the context of the real world. For example, students find geometric shapes in bicycles, computers and buildings. They compile tally sheets while watching cars travel across the screen; then create a variety of graphs from their data. They learn how statistics may be distorted to support false advertising claims.

Students may choose questions to check their own skill development or may be directed by the teacher to specific questions for assessment purposes. Math Trek offers a variety of randomly generated questions on each specific skill and provides immediate feedback to the student. The teacher is able to see how each student is progressing by using the tracking system.

In the Activities section for each title, inventive open-ended problems and projects reinforce learning while helping students discover the wonders of math and how it relates to their lives. They integrate math skills with information from other curricula areas, e.g., using map skills and animals facts in Number Sense and Numeration.

Student Tracking System: This record keeping accessory will track student performance across one, two or all of the Math Trek units. The system reports each student's time spent on task and supplies test results and averages. Teachers may access this information on-screen and print it out.

Each program includes supplementary manual activities including blackline masters and assessment rubrics that may be used for individual or group classroom projects or in homework assignments.

Number Sense & Numeration
Patterning & Algebra
Geometry & Spatial Sense
Data Management & Probability


Macintosh LCIII or better, System 7.0 or later, 14" or larger color monitor, 8 MB of RAM, 100 MB of hard disk space for the entire series, CD-ROM; Windows 3.1 or later (Windows 95 recommended), 486 SX CPU or better, 8 MB of RAM, SVGA or better color monitor supporting 256 colors, 100 MB of hard disk space for the entire series, CD-ROM and sound card.