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Mathville Kidway - Grades K-2

Kidway Math is a virtual midway where traditional games of skill and chance are transformed into math activities. Math concepts are illustrated effectively and graphically, using everyday objects, animals, and entertaining ideas.

Mathville Jungleway - Grades 1-3

Jungleway Math is a multimedia habitat where fun-filled activities add variety and excitement to any classroom.

Mathville Speedway - Grades 2-4

Speedway Math is an exciting environment where students improve their speed and skills in mathematics. Games, puzzles, and creative exercises make math fun for any level of student.

Math Trek Primary - Grades K-3

In this software program, Fibonacci Bear, named after the great mathematician, Leonardo Fibonacci, invites students into his toy store. The five curriculum areas covered are Data Management and Probability, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Measurement, Number Sense and Numeration, and Patterning and Algebra.

Dollars and Cents - Grades K-3

Dollars and Cents is a well-rounded money management series that progresses in difficulty, and includes engaging graphics and human quality speech. Each title - First Money, Spending Money, and Making Change - teaches essential money skills by merging life experiences and math instruction.

Bradford Arithmetic Software - Grades K-6

Bradford Arithmetic Software is a K-6 series of more than 80 lessons designed to support the learning of basic arithmetic concepts and skills. This series reinforces the classroom program, gives supplemental instruction, and provides practice of essential skills.