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Math Trek 7, 8 - Grades 7-8

10 Topics:
Patterning and Algebra
Data Management
Whole Numbers and Integers
Rate, Ratio, and Proportion

Math Trek 7, 8 is an integrated, curriculum-based, mathematics program for grades 7 and 8. Tutorials, activities, performance tasks, and assessment provide mulitple contexts and opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

Math Trek 7, 8 covers the standard curriculum taught in grade 7 and 8, including the philosophy and standards of the NCTM. The standards are correlated with Math Trek 7, 8 in the teacher resource manual, included with the software.

Features include: sound, graphics, animation, music and video clips; journal and journal writing tasks; student tracking system and assessment; varying levels of difficulty; diffent learning styles/modalities addressed; comprehensive teacher resource document with print support materials, individual, group and culminating performace activities.

Student Tracking System: This record keeping accessory will track student performance reporting time spent and test results.


Macintosh System 7.0 or later, 14" or larger color monitor, 8MB of RAM, 280MB of hard disk space for installation of entire series, CD-ROM drive; Windows 3.1 or later (Windows 95 or later recommended), 486 or better, 8MB of RAM, SVGA or better color monitor supporting 256 colors, 255MB of hard disk space for installation of entire series, sound card, CD-ROM drive.