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Bradford PreAlgebra Series - Grades 6-10

Developed by: Courses by Computers, Inc.

The Bradford Pre-Algebra Series is designed as an instructional support system to prepare students to study Algebra. It is also appropriate in settings where students need to develop basic mathematics skills such as GED, ESL, and other similar programs.

A comprehensive, skill-specific program, this series addresses a total of 85 learning objectives including operations on whole numbers, fractions, decimals, integers and rational numbers.

The Bradford Pre-Algebra Series:

builds students' confidence and desire to learn more about math by providing reinforcement, rewards and remediation,

implements the use of an on-screen calculator,

supports reasoning from graphs using bar graphs, pictographs, line graphs, and pie charts,

utilizes area models for visualizing numerical and geometric concepts,

explains procedures for estimation, important in checking the reasonableness of results,

provides real world problems.

Each lesson has a brief tutorial segment followed by a practice set. The demonstrations, examples with help, and practice problems are presented in logical sequence and include animated graphics, employing a visual approach to concepts. The practice set also provides instructional assistance when appropriate through high quality corrective feedback. At the completion of a practice set a performance report is given, and the student has the option of electing additional practice. All practice items are randomly selected from large item banks.

A Comprehensive Management System is available only with the purchase of the Level I Series or Level II Series package, or the Complete Series (all 20 titles).
The manager will allow you to create and maintain a student roster, create the classes you want managed, generate reports such as Student Progress, Class Progress, Administrative and Assignment Reports.

Level 1:
Fraction Concepts
Mixed Number Concepts
Addition & Subtraction of Fractions
Multiplication & Division of Fractions
Decimal Concepts
Addition & Subtraction of Decimals
Multiplication & Division of Decimals
Basic Percent Concepts & Skills
Estimation Skills
Perimeter & Area

Level 2:
Addition & Subtraction of Mixed Numbers
Multiplication & Division of Mixed Numbers
Percents < 1 and Percents > 100
Charts & Graphs
Integer Concepts & Operations
Operations with Rational Numbers
The Coordinate Plane
Basic Function Concepts
Linear Equations
Descriptive Statistics


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