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Math Trek Primary - Grades K-3

Developed by: NECTAR Foundation

In this software program, Fibonacci Bear, named after the great mathematician, Leonardo Fibonacci, invites students into his toy store. The five curriculum areas covered are Data Management and Probability, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Measurement, Number Sense and Numeration, and Patterning and Algebra.

The program components include: Interactive Activities; Management System; and Journal Writing Suggestions, Used to express feelings about mathematics, provide a vehicle for questions, reflect on problem solving strategies, identify real-world applications of mathematics, list alternate ways of finding solutions, and answer specific questions/problems based on expectations/skills.

SPECIAL FEATURES: written and oral instructions; a motivational environment; demonstration of activities; on-going reinforcement; and immediate feedback.

Extensive Supplementary Materials Included (Scope and Sequence; Non-computer Journal Suggestions; Glossary of Terms; Extension Activities and Accompanying Blackline Masters).

Individual Titles

Data Management & Probability
Geometry & Spatial Sense
Number Sense & Numeration
Patterning & Algebra


Macintosh System 7.0 or later, 14" or larger color monitor, 8MB of RAM, 280MB of hard disk space for installation of entire series, CD-ROM drive; Windows 3.1 or later (Windows 95 or later recommended), 486 or better, 8MB of RAM, SVGA or better color monitor supporting 256 colors, 255MB of hard disk space for installation of entire series, sound card, CD-ROM drive.