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Select from our prepared question files: customizable test banks to use with Mathematics TestBuilder. Build tests, worksheets, and assignments targeted to your objectives with these fully editable questions.

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Math Coach PreCalculus TestBank - Grades 11-12


Developed by: Meridian Creative Group, a Division of Larson Texts, Inc.

The Math Coach PreCalculus TestBank includes more than 2,500 questions organized by objective and illustrated with hundreds of graphics. The questions are offered in varying formats: multiple choice, open ended, and graphing. Lessons covered are Functions and Graphs, Additional Topics in Algebra, Systems of Equations and Linear Programming, Matrices and Determinants, Polynomial and Rational Functions, Trigonometry 1, Trigonometry 2, Analytic Geometry, and Probability.


Requires Math TestBuilder.

PreCalculus TestBank - Grades 11-12


Developed by: Mathematics Criterion Center

The PreCalculus TestBank contains 900 multiple choice and free response questions, organized by topic, covering 225 objectives in a PreCalculus course, with answers for each question. Four questions of varying levels of difficulty are provided for each objective. Topics covered include Relations and Functions, Trigonometric Functions, Second Degree Relations, Polynomial Functions, Sequences and Series, Exponential Functions, Logarithmic Functions, Limits of Functions, and The Derivative.


Requires Math TestBuilder.