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Exploring AP Calculus (BC) with the TI-89
concepts of calculus workbooks
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2006 William K. Bradford Publishing Company
concepts of calculus workbooks
Exploring AP Calculus (BC) with the TI-89
Grades 11-12

Developed by: Brenda Batten

NEW from Brenda Batten, the author of Concepts of Calculus: Exploring AP Calculus with the TI-89 comes the additional BC workbook.

The activities include: (click for an example of each) Explanations; Historical Notes; Tech Tips; Worked Examples; Questions to Test Understanding; Suggested Journal Entries.

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Each activity contains a section for keeping a journal to give students the chance to summarize the main points in the activity and to note important definitions and theorems. This journal can serve as a review for the AP Exam.

The BC workbook is a collection of additional lessons covering the following topics: Approximation Methods for Solving Differential Equations; Techniques of Integration; Applications & Differential Equations; Parametric, Polar & Vector Equations; Limits Revisited; Infinite Series.


Chapters 15 Found in Concepts of Calculus: Book I (green book)

Letter from the Author

Chaper 6 Approximation Methods for Solving Differential Equations
Eulers Method
Text Scripts and Slope Fields

Chaper 7 Techniques of Integration
Integration by Substitution
Integration by Parts
Integration by Partial Fractions
Symbolic Math Guide Practice & Summary

Chaper 8 Applications & Differential Equations
Hubble's Law & Homo Sapiens 230
Forestry Applications 237

Chaper 9 Parametric, Polar & Vector Equations
Parametric Transformations & Derivatives
Parametric Derivatives & Tangent Lines
Particle Motion
Arc Length
Interpreting Parametric Derivatives
Transition to Polar Coordinates
Polar Equations

Chaper 10 Limits Revisited
L'Hopital's Rule
Indeterminate Forms
Defining Improper Integrals
Convergence of Improper Integrals
A Few Good Functions

Chaper 11 Infinite Series
Geometric Series
Power Series
Taylor Series
Application: Faustmann's Rule
Convergence of Infinite Series

10 workbooks
(Solutions included.)
(Solutions purchased seperately.)
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