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new releases Each MathBox is a fully-developed, ready-to-use supplement for your math curriculum that includes suggestions for integrating the material into your classroom, copymasters for effortless implementation, and answer keys where applicable.

We offer our copymasters in both reproducible print form, and as pdf electronic files on CD - for both Macintosh and Windows.

Over 50 titles available, use the menu at right to browse by subject.

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Geometry: Student's World MathBox
The Student's World MathBox is a collection of twenty hands-on Geometry projects where the focus has been sharpened from the real world down to the students world.
Challenging Geometry Proof MathBox
The Challenging Geometry Proofs MathBox of thought provoking problems requires students to apply geometric axioms and principles and to develop analytical thinking and logical arguments in geometric reasoning.
Challenging Geometry Computations MathBox
The Challenging Geometry Computations MathBox engages students in basic strategies and manipulating skills that are needed for reasoning to geometric solutions.
Geometry Practice MathBox
The practice problems are provided in multiple choice format and can be used as a supplement to any Geometry course.
Polygons & Polyhedra MathBox
The Polygons and Polyhedra MathBox provides a guided, analytical investigation into the world of polygons, polyhedra, and semi-regular polyhedra.
Exploring Geometry Through Puzzles & Games MathBox
Creative exploratory activities help students develop spatial ability, logical reasoning, and an understanding of geometric properties and relationships.
Exploring Geometry Through Designs MathBox
The Exploring Geometry Through Designs MathBox is a set of thirty-two enrichment activities that engage students in creating geometric designs using compass, straightedge, protractor, and ruler.
JOVO Hands-On Activities MathBoxes
The lessons are aligned with NCTM Standards and may be tailored to fit student needs and to coordinate with the primary curriculum source.