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PreCalculus Textbook
precalculus textbook
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precalculus textbook
PreCalculus Textbook - Grades 11-12

Author: Daniel Hall

The PreCalculus Textbook is over 300 pages, contains 15 Chapters, cumulative review questions, and Final review questions, selected answers, and an index. The Answer Book contains complete answers for all exercises and review questions in the textbook.

From the Preface:

This is a textbook written to help students develop an understanding of mathematics and why it is taught. It bridges the gap between trigonometry and calculus and is ideal for any high school or college student preparing for calculus or a student taking a one or two semester course in mathematics to develop a more analytical mind and improve his or her deductive reasoning.

The examples, notation and terminology are designed to help students, not to impress other teachers. Explanations are at the student's level without giving up the rigor expected in a precalculus course. Questions are graduated in difficulty and there are cumulative review problems at the end of each chapter. The exercises will challenge those of every ability and will show the relevance of previously taught topics.

15 chapters cover the following topics: Basic Algebra, Linear Relations, Complex Numbers, Quadratic Relations, Functions, Theory of Equations, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Progressions, Permutations and Combinations, Probability and The Binomial Theorem, Determinants, Polar Coordinates, Introduction to Calculus, Other Algebraic Systems, Extensions of Algebraic Systems.

The material in this book is the result of my teaching pre-calculus for 37 years. Some topics will be review but the favorite questions and successful techniques I have developed will make the book interesting and intellectually stimulating. My 31 years of teaching advanced placement calculus makes me well aware of what is needed in the pre-calculus course; although other topics have been included to give a more complete picture of mathematics.

The usefulness of mathematics will be apparent but the over emphasis of bogus practical examples found in many textbooks today will be absent. This book does not send the message that mathematics is simply a tool for science and industry.

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Student Edition
(Teacher's Guide not included.)

ISBN: 0-7898-4653-5

10-pack Student Edition
(Includes Teacher's Guide.)

ISBN: 0-7898-4718-3

Teacher's Guide

ISBN: 0-7898-4719-1

precalculus textbook
precalculus textbook