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Re:view Series - Grades 9-12

Developed by: MatheMentors

The Re:View Mathematics Series was designed as a tutorial to provide extra practice and review for students. Lessons cover straightforward computational problems as well as real-world applications. Each subject title is organized by chapters, which are divided into sections, and then subdivided by objectives. Students can work at their own pace for as long as they need. Lessons for each objective provide in-depth explanations and give step-by-step examples to help reteach the material covered in standard courses. Re:View titles effectively use color and animation to convey concepts more clearly and improve student understanding. In demonstrating concepts, numbers and variables from one step move across the screen to take their places in the next. Students easily make the connection from variables to the values they represent, and understand where numbers in steps are coming from. Students can decide at any point to advance to the problem section or to repeat the lesson.

At the end of each tutorial, students are presented with an unlimited number of algorithmically generated questions. Immediate feedback lets students know how they are doing as they go along. Each question supplies two optional hints that are suggested after incorrect responses. Each chapter also has a Review section that presents problems across all of the objectives in the chapter. A Cumulative Review tests students with random problems taken from multiple chapters. At the end of every problem session, students may print a report which includes the number of problems correct out of the number attempted, the percentage, the amount of time spent on the problems, and the date.


Windows 3.1 or later, 386 or better; Macintosh, System 7.0 or later, 640x480 color monitor minimum, 1.5MB free RAM; CD ROM drive.