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JOVO INTERNATIONAL has produced and distributed the creative JOVO construction toy since 1994 with great success.

Our company is danish with our production and main office situated just north of Copenhagen. From here we are in close collaboration with all our suppliers and distributors.

The JOVO construction toy is a system consisting of 15 different shapes, which can be combined in countless ways. With these shapes children at the age of 3-4 years and up can challenge their imagination and assemble the colourful parts into amazing shapes and figures.

The patented "closing-system" ensures that the parts can be assembled and taken apart again and again so new exciting figures can be constructed year after year. The pieces are sold both as a starting kit containing triangles, squares and pentagons as well as supplement boxes with more advanced shapes.

JOVO's green profile - The CE-approved shapes are made from POM, one of the most environmentally safe plastic products on the market today. It contains neither PVC nor other softeners (phthalates) nor lead, is colourfast and non toxic and produced in a manner that takes the utmost care to protect the surrounding environment.